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Useful Links

The Nautical Almanacs and Sun Almanacs listed on our site were created or derived from a program written by the great Norwegian sailor Enno Rodegerdts. Without his work this site wouldn't exist.


Celestaire is the maker of the famous Astra III and IIIB sextants. They offer many products and tools needed for navigation, weather, communications and astronomy.

Celestaire's customer service is incomparable in terms of courtesy, knowledge and assistance.


Navigatrix is a complete operating system for your computer.

Navigatrix is a compilation of electronic tools for navigation, communication, information and security that you can use offshore, on shore, or at anchor. It is simple and lightweight and based on the best Debian/Ubuntu has to offer.  Navigatrix also includes OpenCPN.

Excel based celestial navigaton spreadsheets which  can also be used with LibreOffice Calc.

This site provides several Excel spreadsheets that will generate a Nautical Almanac, Great Circle sailing waypoints and a star finder.  There is an abundance of information about celestial navigation all on a very handsome site.

Online free nautical charts and publications.  A very comprehensive site providing a huge amount of information covering all aspects of the maritime world.

Open Chart Plotter Navigation is a free open source chart plotting program.   Included with many plugins OpenCPN also has a celestial navigation sight reduction plugin that graphically shows circles of equal altitude.  OpenCPN is the best free chart plotting program available.

This sailor has an excellent Sun Sight reduction Excel spreadsheet and other very useful information.

"The American Practical Navigator"
Download only the chapters you want or the entire work.
Originally written by Nathaniel Bowditch, now with many updates.

Shackleton, Worsley, Amundsen, Harrison, Slocum, Sumner
An inexpensive Windows based program created by NavSoft providing many features including the nautical almanac in a compact format.
Erik De Man

Erik, a sailor from Belgium, has information on celestial navigation and compiled Almanacs too.
James Caird Society

The only institution that exists to preserve the memory, honour the remarkable feats of discovery in the Antarctic and commend the outstanding qualities of leadership associated with the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton, KCVO (l874-l922), especially during the ill-fated but glorious Endurance expedition.
The United States Naval Observatory

An excellent way to determine Hc and other Astronomical facts.

World’s No. 1 Complete Maritime Information Website.
A website about the business of commerical shipping covering all aspects of the trade.  Very informative and honorable.

The most thorough and complete source of information for the world cruising sailor.  "The global site for cruising sailors".

The cutest and most seaworthy dinghy in the world!

The South Georgia Museum is located at Grytviken, South Georgia island, and holds many things from the island's history of whaling, exploration and natural history.  Frank Worsley's nautical almanac is on display there!
What Time is it?

Now you can see what time it really is...on the web.

A very impressive graphic display of world weather.

A grib based weather visualization program.
Excellent for helping you predict the weather.

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