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Just trying to be nice
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of us. Looks like we're still holding the fort.  Good job we're doing.


To all of us, members of Celestial Navigation Forum.  May we keep sanity in the world which can't live without extra battery. Let's drink!
So true- the extra battery!!!  Oh phone's dead!!!!  Map?  What's that?

"Splice the main brace" mates!

Happy new year and merry Christmas!
Here here! Hopefully 2018 will be a better year than 2017. It's great to be getting older- so much techno-stuff has come and gone, gotten smaller, faster, more precise and still most people have no idea what time it is or where they are.

I'm thoroughly impressed in discovering how people in the past navigated about. Here's to them and what they've handed down to us!

Peace to you all!

Roland D.
I used to be a normal person, then I discovered how to locate myself on this planet using a star.

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