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No GPS? Follow the North star! (poor people)
I happened upon a website which is by an artist, Sam Kerson who is a creator of the arts and is presently, with his wife, in Italy observing the refugee influx from various impoverished and torn-by-war countries.

While in Italy He spoke to a man from Gambia who sought work in Libya but ended up for many months in a Libyan prison.  Finally, the man was released.  Here are the words he spoke to Mr. Kerson about his (the Gambian man held in a Libyan prison) exodus from Libya-

We press on, “but how did you get to Europe?”  “After nine months they come and say, you go now! They have AKs’; they drive us at gun point to the beach and load us in a fiberglass boat.”

All the prisoners are asking, “Where do we go?”
You go out to sea! Who cares? You live you die. We need the space.”
But we have no GPS”, the guard points with his AK and says, “Follow the north star.”

The boat they were in ran out of fuel.  As it turns out they were rescued by a ship off the coast.

Certainly a horrible story but I'm showing this as a contrast in navigational styles.  The next area North of Libya is Italy or Greece- both at quite a distance.  Following the North star would lead them directly North (true).  Now that's a quick course in celestial gun point.

Poor folks.

Here's Mr.Kerson's website- Dragon Dance Theatre

Clear skies,


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